i'm a 22 year old something or other from england [-_-] and i tend to do a lot of things, that you can read about below. i am also very tired.

some information -
i'm non-binary! i tend to use they/she pronouns.i'm autistic! it's weird sometimes.i'm british! yeah it's fucking awful i know.
here's a thing that gives you the links to all of my social medias, dm's and i guess anywhere else i want to link. feel free to DM me / send friend requests or whatever, i am a bit shy but i like talking to people!

[artwork above by soyatu]

anywho here's my projects i guess wbvjhfg


noun - small piece that’s come off a larger whole; to break

fragment is currently my main project. it is an alias used for sticker tagging and slapping - i take shitposts and exerpts from my own writings and spread them across as much of the world as i can. (so far, that's mainly my own county, but i'd like to go further - thanks to friends there's some stickers in france!) with this project i hope to put my ideas out into the world and inspire people to take them and make something out of it.

it was a project started for many reasons - a desire to create but feeling burnt out with my previous occupation of drawing; having too many ideas with not much time or energy left to expand them; generally being fed up with the popularity-based social medias of today where you have to be super lucky to get noticed; and seeing London filled with art on a holiday trip and wanting to bring the same thing to my own hometown.

you can see some of my favourite stickers in the gallery above. i regularly post my stickers on my twitter too, and i also have an instagram, but i'm not super active on there.

[maple's music archive]

my music archive was created to bring light to albums and releases that had been taken down from the internet for various reasons, or that i found in charity shops and had not been archived before. more recently i've been uploading full album streams rather than individual tracks. any albums that are not available online, i've made downloadable for high quality listening. i've still got a lot of things to upload there soon!

[comfy tv]

comfy tv is a discord server i run where we watch old tv shows and movies every saturday. it's designed to be like an actual tv channel with idents and commercials and everything! we tend to air a lot of game shows, documentaries, and more obscure series that not many remember. we also have themed nights for topic such as children's shows. and we take suggestions! you can join with this link here.


arianna is an alias used for uploading nightcore / nxc tracks. it was something i started in high school and i guess it's somewhat helped contribute to the popularity of nightcore on the platform? i guess. there was also a nightcore label i started, nxc nation, though it isn't really active anymore... i'm unsure how much i identify with the project anymore.