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hi, i'm maple bloom.

three images of me in a purple hue. in the first i'm leaning against my wall covered in pokemon cards, holding up my arm which is full of candi / pony bracelets. i'm also wearing black cat ears. in the second i'm sitting on a neon rectangle [actually part of a square], with my knees bent together. wearing striped leggings. in the third i'm outside, with a heart plaster on my face, a bandana on my neck, and a nintendo 64 cap.

name: i literally just said it, c'mon

age: twenty

gender: 404 Page Not Found [non-binary]

pronouns: whatever you fuckin' want

orientation: quoiro polyam

asd type: aspergers

start of existence: 26 nov 1998

location: south west of the united kingdom

star sign: sagittarius

likes: too much

dislikes: too little

lucky number: 98

moveset: heal pulse, draining kiss, rest, dream eater

best console: playstation 2

swear level: too fuckin' high

crosswords solved: (as of 20/01/19) two

switch of choice: neon (red and blue controllers)

weapon of choice: ribbon sword

music genre of choice: breakcore

preferred drink: dr pepper

favourite emoticon: ( ^w^)b

favourite tea mug: i have this cute one thats in the shape of an owl and it closes its eyes when you fill it with hot tea

level of cuteness: i refuse to answer this one

favourite pokemon card: Meloetta EX [Full Art Var.] from Legendary Treasures [Shiny Collection]

plushie count (as of 19/01/19): about 21. i may have missed one or two

favourite emoji: purple heart

level of screen tearing: 5

fairy lights: yes yes yes yes

color of magic 8 ball: rose gold

error question marks:

will i find a fiver when i go out next?: ASK AGAIN LATER

slime color: hot pink

amount of ideas for this page taken from looking around my room: about 30

gay: gay

time taken to write v1 of this about page: too long. i suck at writing things about myself