so an intro post, i guess

date: 16/06/19 / category: random

content warnings: introductory

i... have no idea how to start this blog off. that's putting it lightly, i guess. i'm really struggling. one of my friends reccommended i start it off with "tippy tappy it's a mappy" which is cute i guess, so imagine that was the first line you read.

i want to talk about things i find interesting on this blog - stuff like movies and games and life, y'know, all that jazz. right now i guess my current worry is whether it's actually *interesting*? there's a lot of things i like that people are just not into at all and at times it's making me think that having a blog is pointless... but fuck it i'm gonna try anyway. if i just sit around worrying all day then i'll end up not doing anything at all, and i guess doing something is better than doing nothing.

so hey. tippy tappy, it's fucking mappy, and hopefully you stay around my blog for a while. i've got a lot of stuff to show you, like some nice books about the old internet, various accumulated charity shop objects, and a lot of bad movies. hopefully you find it as interesting as i do.

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