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hel;l yeah its fucmngfn. books

battle royale [remastered] (koushun takami)

ever played fortnite? ever watched the hunger games? if anything has some kind of battle royale element to it, this is probably where it comes from. a japanese novel where 40 school students are dropped onto an island and forced to kill each other until only one remains. i'm still reading through it so i'll let you know what i think of it when i'm done. [note: the "remastered" part of the title means it's a new updated translation of the original japanese novel, done by nathan collins.]

scott pilgrim (series) (brian lee o'malley)

okay so i still need to read all of this, but i've read up to halfway through volume four, and seen the movie. this story is great in any form. an immature twenty something who doesn't know what to do with his life falls in love with a girl and has to defeat her seven evil exes to date her, and that's just one part of this story. must read / watch. i'd say also play the game but it's not available anywhere right now for legal reasons.

seconds (brian lee o'malley)

a standalone story from the same author of scott pilgrim, though the two have no relation to each other. in this story, katie, the owner of a restaurant called seconds, finds a way to erase her mistakes via a notebook and a mushroom, but takes things way too far. the story is a little predictable but the colored art is gorgeous, the characters are lovely, and there are some interesting concepts about house spirits and timelines.

refugees from an imaginary country (darrell schweizer)

this is the only story on this list where i'm going to be leaving out the "recommended" part of recommended reading material, because apparently the author is somewhat of an asshole. i got this book for free at a comic con event in 2014 not knowing anything about it. it's a short story collection with sci-fi, medieval and horror themes. i don't care for many of the medieval stories (the genre is not really my cup of tea), but the horror stories are brilliant. the outside man tells the story of a child who wants to kill his brother, midnight follows a teen in a taxi telling his own story of his mother's witchery/vampirism, one of the secret masters makes most conspiracy theories feel like child's play, and climbing sees a student stuck endlessly climbing a tree that doesn't end. and that's before you even get to the title story, where a man's paracosm is thrust into reality. if you can pick it up second-hand or even for free like i did, maybe give it a shot.

time riders (series) (alex scarrow)

i remember in high school, all the way back in 2011, the author of this book series did a meet and greet. it was the first time i heard about the series and i was able to get a signed copy of the first book. i've since gotten up to... halfway through the fifth book. time riders is a series that follows three people from different points of time, brought together in 2001 as a team to help protect against those who dare to meddle with time and historic events. i don't know how well it would be able to keep me gripped now, but at the time i was reading them, i was pretty much hooked.

nice cup of tea and a sit down (stuart "nicey" payne / jenny "wifey" payne)

so here's an interesting one i kind of knicked from a teacher in high school >.> it's a book all about... tea and biscuits. it's based on a website of the same name that's been defunct since 2008, but is somehow still up and was even proposed to be archived by the british library at one point due to it's social status. the book itself takes a somewhat silly but in depth look at the various types of teas, biscuits, cakes, and... sit downs. it's very british. i haven't read this in a while but i remember it fondly so i should go back to it some day. i should probably read some of the website too, i love me a good biscuit...

guinness book of world records / guinness world records (series) (various authors)

i might have to do a whole subsection for this some day, because i own a LOT of these books. when i was younger i had the fine goal of holding the world record for most guinness world record books owned... kind of silly, i admit, but it's how i got a bit of a hyperfixation on these things. each edition has its own unique style, look and formatting, especially looking at the late 90's / early 2000s. my favourite edition is 2002 for just how y2k it is. it's also interesting to see what records were at that point in time, how that record has changed over the years, and how what counts as a record has also changed. later volumes also tried to use gimmicks such as holographic covers, fold out pages, optical illusions, and even 3d images. and i love the attention to detail in each volume, a lot of them going so far as to even list the typefaces they used in the book. again, i'll have to make a subsection for these at some point.

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