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nice and cool pc programs!!!!


a useful tool i use for unzipping stuff quickly and sometimes as a file manager. not much to really say about it aside for that it's good!


a nice lightweight word processor that i used to use before switching to libreoffice. reminds me a lot of word 2003.

across lite

a neat program you can use to solve .puz crossword files! many newspapers offer these files like the New York Times c:


one of my two main music players, i use it for quickly opening files and casual listening. you can have multiple tabs of playlists open at once which is a pretty nice feature.

arrow vortex

if you want to make stepmania charts, this is absolutely the program to do it. it's far better than stepmania's built in chart editor by a mile and a half.


a popular free open source audio editor, and very very useful for recording and editing! also, did you know this thing supports vst effects. i feel like a lot of people overlook that.

bamzooki zook kit

if you don't know what bamzooki is (you probably don't), it was a tv show where contestants made their own "zooks" (basically, shapes rearranged to be like insects i guess) and make them compete in virtual contests. the zook kit is what contestants used to make their zooks, and while it's no longer supported (the show had its last season in 2009-2010), you can still find downloads of it online, and there's a small community still around making their own contests. the kit actually gets quite in depth too, with new ways of making zooks more efficient still being found. i still have yet to fully explore it myself.


yeah you probably know what this one is. a pretty in depth open source 3d modelling tool.

instant eyedropper

a useful tool that lets you find out the hex color of anything on your computer screen.


a html editor, and what i use to write this website! it's pretty nifty and does the job well.


a free open source office suite similar to microsoft office. i use it for all my writing and planning and stuff, and it's probably one of the best office alternatives.


a tool you can use to make 3d voxel models! i havent explored it a lot, but what i have used has been nice to play with, i've used it to try and make cities and small characters before, but nothing too impressive yet.


this used to be my main music player, and while i still have it installed it doesnt get used nearly as much these days. it's somewhat itunes like but also has support for plugins and


a nifty tool that you can use to add or readd tags to music files. generally it's good to have when you get untagged .mp3 singles, wips, or if tags get messed up somehow

oracle virtualbox

a useful and fun program that lets you run operating systems in a virtual box of sorts. fun for messing around with older OSes like windows xp / 95 / macOS 9.

obs studio

i use this for streaming games on mixer, but you can also use it with a myriad of other streaming services. again, it's free and open source.

adobe photoshop

it's photoshop. do i need to explain photoshop. remember to pirate it,


a neat little visualizer program i enjoy putting on in the background from time to time. i especially enjoy "turntable".

rpg maker vx ace

the rpg maker series has many iterations. i own xp, vx and vx ace, but i've only used vx ace. from what i've used, i quite like it. it's simple-ish enough to get the basics but if you want to go deeper it gets extremely in depth and nitty gritty.

vegas pro

a fine video editor if you can afford it, although every now and again it's been on humble bundle for dirt cheap, which is how i got it myself. i guess you could just pirate it too... but yeah it's alright!

wallpaper engine

i got this recently but i love it. it's a program that lets you make your wallpaper animated, and even with music, if you like. there's tons of wallpapers you can download online using steam, right now i'm using one that makes it like a dvd screensaver with the logo that bounces about


one of my two main music players. tons of cool old skins, mod tracker file support (hence the name)... i just really enjoy the style of this one

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