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life itself is a quotation.

~Jorge Luis Bo

critique that leak is brought to you by Concrete Matter, there's nothing better to start your day off with, Concrete Matter!

scott the woz - history of smash bros rumors and leaks

mordecai: what if we aren't meant to see what's inside?

rigby: pff, if we're not supposed to see what's inside they shouldn't have taught us how to read.

regular show - s2e3 "appreciation day"

tired of living at the bottom of the ocean? now you can eat sunlight!

bill wurtz - history of the entire world, i guess

we are the pretty guardians, who fight for love and for vehicle technology!

2017 ford fusion sailor moon advert

got mad skills i will get wild!

overseer - screw up

it took an hour to write, i thought it would take an hour to read.

futurama s1e12 - when aliens attack

doofenshmirtz evil incorporated, where being evil is not debat- you know, i should really write the rest of that someday.

phineas and ferb s2e39 - rollercoaster: the musical

alright people at home, what do you think? would you have said enough if you saw your friend sitting on your other friend in your dad's backyard and it was weird?

super smash tournament s6e4 - mario vs. bowser

here you are, darling, four weddings. here you are, rocky 4? 5?

PSA - "pirate videos? daylight robbery"

i'd like to thank today's sponsor, tictacs, for- YOU TOOK BOTH THE ORANGES, YOU SHIT

tomska's #content - cunning linguists

new bran flakes. bold new taste. bran flakes.

spongebob squarepants s03e09 - as seen on tv

what's that word? begins with s and ends with hit. uhhhh... oh yeah, not very good.

ashens - casio cassiopeia a-20e review

allow it!! you can't bring a knife to a snowball fight!!!!

diary of a badman - episode 3

don't worry, i have a doctor's appointment to get these opinions fixed.

scott the woz - game of the year throughout the years


vinesauce joel - deltarune (part 1)

oh, pfffffff, whoaaoao,,,, fuck this dude, fuck this. fuck this, dude, fuck this *slams something on desk* i don't, no, i'm fucking out of here! no! auuugh! fuck th- i'm i, bye. l-later dude. later peeps. had a good run though, but nuh-uh. n-none of that.

vinesauce joel - undertale (part 6 - genocide run)

first of course is the intro, the introduction to the song. this is the part of the song that introduces you to the song.

dingus reginald - dubstep 101 - how to make riddim dubstep

why did you have to say "sheesh"??

hotelweegee - spencer launches a bagel into griffin's rectum

xbox one and windows 10 exclusive.

microsoft - xbox 2016 e3 conference

there's so much out there - discussions, reviews, glitches, music remixes, fan animations, frickin.. cable setup comparisons!! who the fuck cares about this? I DO! I'M A FUCKIN VIDEO EDITOR! YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SCART CABLES AND COMPONENT. YOU EVER SEEN A SUPER NINTENDO RUN THROUGH A FRAMEMEISTER? HOLY SHIT??

rebeltaxi - dxp: disney xd's pathetic video game shows

you bet, kid!

elite beat agents - episode 14, batter up! home run hero makes a comeback!!

what is a troll?

blaire lily - unfriended

[making an acronym for b.o.b] boy... the earth, is flat

anthony fantano - let's argue - michael jackson is(n't) innocent

hello gentleman, i am ray z, a man you have never heard of. give me 10,000 helicopters covered in diamonds

jay z (pixelatedboat) - helicopter addict

it's a wii! it's controlled by a wii remote!

pokemon - most of the gen 4 and 5 games

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