this is mainly a page for me to note ideas i have for this website / log updates.


5.0.4 [16 june 2019] - new blog page! hoping to update it semi-regularly with new things. also added a new quotes page in the directory and a teepublic link to the home page.


remember to report broken stuff to me at my social media pages!! [11 feb 2019] - some day one fixes, under the hood changes and a new 88x31 button. currently working on / trying to implement a night mode.


5.0.0 [10 feb 2019] - version 5 of this website is live!

planned content

unnamed DDR page

setting about on reviewing the DDR/Dancing Stage game and almost all Konami Original songs. definitely a long time consuming one, but one i feel could definitely be a fun time.

guinness world records book collection

this is also briefly mentioned on the books directory page, but i have a pretty big collection of interesting GWR/GBWR books. i enjoy exploring the general aesthetics and design of each one, as each year tends to go for a somewhat different style (especially in the late 90s / early 00s). it's also fun to see what records were at the time. this page would take an in depth look at each edition of the series.

game magazine scrapbook

there's a lot of british gaming magazines that have been discontinued and, luckily, have been archived on reading through them, it's fun to see what was being reported at the time, but also seeing the humor and jokes the editorial team enjoyed adding into the mags, sprinkling their own personality into it. i don't really read gaming magazines these days (mainly because there's no nintendo ones :c) but i love the old ones i do read and i want to try and share some of those moments in a little online scrapbook, maybe.