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i enjoy working on a lot of projects in my spare time... i'm usually always working on one thing or another, and i still have a lot of ideas i want to get out there into the world. but for now, here's some things i've already created / i'm currently working on. you can click on the banners to go to their pages, and this will probably be updated with older projects as i find them.

a cloudy dreamscape lays on one side of this image, covered in stars. the other side is white and shows the title of this project - @lastnightimd.

inmydream.net is a website that was started in around 2011 and is somehow still up to this day, despite not really being updated at all from what i can tell. i surfed it a lot in high school reading about people's dreams... a lot of great ideas and inspiring quotes are buried here. unfortunately, most of them have been buried under strings of continuous spam text and filler over the years. there doesn't seem to be any kind of moderation on this site at all, and i'm surprised the site is even still up.

as such, i decided to start an account to log some of the more interesting things i find on the site. i look around and grab things from it pretty regularly using the random section. sometimes i find cool ideas and pretty descriptive explanations of dream things, and other times i just find sheer comedy. the account is a mix of both.

heartfelt is a broken transmission album i made in about a week. the idea came about when i found an old tape recorder in a charity shop - it was only £ 10, and it had terrible recording and playback, and i loved the sound of it. it also had a mic input i could record to from my computer. using this i spent time in audacity essentially improvising an album from scratch - taking clips from japanese adverts i had stored on my hard drive, messing with them in audacity, recording it onto a tape, and then erasing the audacity project and starting again.

i guess you can consider this a bit rushed because of that but i still like it for what it is, and in a way i guess i'm proud of it? it was released on Escape Zone, a small label in japan. i still want to make more broken transmission stuff using the tape recorder, though a bit more coherent and thought out? who knows when that'll happen. watch this space, i guess

arianna is an alias for nightcore / nxc and the like, which started late in 2017. i know nightcore doesn't really have the best reception ever and a lot of people think its lazy / don't like it, but i enjoy making fun dancey nightcores. its helped me make a lot of friends in the soundcloud nxc community and helped in just discovering new music and artists! i also run a small nightcore label called nxc nation, which started as a parody of rap nation / trap nation type youtube channels and became a serious thing over time.